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The Complete Edition
By Jeff Swenson
160 pages, Jam-Packed
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by Jeff Swenson
First Cynic Comic Strip
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by Cartoonist Jeff Swenson

This comic was inspired by a suggestion from Duncan Crary of the Institute of Humanist Studies. He will probably deny everything... The idea put forth is what do freethinkers yell out while having sex? Can you yell out "Oh God" during an orgasm without ruining the mood?

I originally thought I could put darker shading into this artwork using Photoshop to hide the more adult nature of it but eventually I said to hell with it. This isn't meant to be adult in the way the word is often used by obscenity hounds who think anything conveying that sex is fun has to be pornographic. It's meant to be silly and fun and if you're offended by cartoon nudity and sex, well, I think you need to grow up. There are a lot more offensive things in this world dealing with starvation, torture and death that need to be addressed before you get all bent out of shape over some boobs and dicks. The real boobs and dicks that should offend you are running our government.

Deist On Top by Jeff Swenson

myspace sexy video Duncan Crary and fellow culprits of IHS decided to make a video using shots from the comic and adding voices and music. Some of the orgasmic utterances are quite impressive. Though they couldn't help themselves when it came to the Discovery Institute Characters taking the Lord's name in vain--not in character for religious nuts but still fun. They also have an entire podcast on sex inspired by Molleen Matsumura's Column.
Molleen Matsumura Check out the original Sweet Reason Advice Column written by Molleen Matsumura that started this whole comic.
Here's a discussion on the science blog "Pharyngula" that was started on this comic "Deist on Top" by PZ Meyers, Biologist and Activist. His blog is heavily read and he also likes to discuss Squid Sex. You can easily post your own comments there without any user signup.
You can also read about PZ's activism with this article posted here.

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