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About the Artist and writers:

Tracie Harris is a graphic artist and publishing professional in Austin, TX. Raised in Orlando, FL, she received her BA in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida. Her long, slow recovery from a rabid fundamentalist upbringing led her to the creation of Atheist Eve.

Don Baker is a Ph.D. computer scientist working in the field of computer-supported cooperative work. He has taught at the University of Texas (Austin) as an adjunct for two years. Don is active with the Atheist Community of Austin as a board member and rotating co-host of the Atheist Experience cable access television show in Austin Texas. Don has a strong interest in the nascent field of memetics and has spent several years exploring the implications of Christianity as a meme complex. His writings on this topic can be found at

This is an opinionated comic that can be found on the Atheist Community of Austin's Website. The artist and creator is Tracie Harris who works as a graphics artist. Don Baker who appears on the Atheist Experience TV show from time to time, contributes ideas to the strip as well. I've included both of their bios to the left. Check out a sampling of their work and then please visit their site, as well as checking out the Atheist Experience Podcast on Itunes.

Read more of Atheist Eve at the Atheist Community of Austin's Website:


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